Silt Colorado

Are you interested in living close to world class rivers, ski areas, golf courses and more?  Are you NOT interested in paying top dollar to acquire real estate in an area like this?  If so than Silt Colorado might be the answer for you. Only 20 minutes to Glenwood Springs and less than an hour to Grand Junction, Vail, and Aspen sits this rural community of Silt.

Before the last couple years Silt was know as a “motorcycle town” or “cowboy haven.”  With increasing real estate prices in the surrounding areas more people are considering Silt. It’s becoming known as the family friendly and affordable living community of the Western Slope of Colorado. It is hard to compete with what Silt offers from a lifestyle and cost perspective if you compare it to other towns nearby.

When we start discussing Silt with potential clients there is some pushback initially.  People assume that the lifestyle is not comparable, the schools must not be as good and you don’t have the same recreational opportunity.  The funny thing is all of this is a myth!  More and more people are starting to recognize this myth and that is leading to folks making Silt their primary residence.

In addition to what is noted above, Silt has a fantastic climate year round.  Typically, both the Summer and Winters in Silt are a little more mild than New Castle or Glenwood Springs just up valley.  The area boasts hunting, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, rafting, biking, boating and horseback riding throughout the year. Silt CO is frequented by many of the same travelers that visit the hot springs in Glenwood Springs annually.

If you are searching for real estate in Western Colorado I strongly encourage you to consider this simply irresistible little town (SILT).  If you would like the assistance of a professional I would be honored to hear from you and help anyway I can.

Shawn Manwaring


For more information on Silt Colorado, visit this page: Silt

Silt Colorado

Silt Colorado