Preparing your Property for the Seasons Ahead
Today’s Thought: Fall is in the air!  What are you doing to prepare your home for the seasons ahead?
See my video here to learn more about this thought:
Market Stats (Carbondale, Glenwood Springs & New Castle)
Single Family Properties:
TODAY: 253 active listings (48 are currently under contract)
Absorption Rate:  13.8%
Condo/Townhouse/Duplex Properties:
TODAY: 80 active listings (18 are currently under contract)
Absorption Rate:  25.0%
As we approach Fall, naturally our inventory levels decrease.  While absorption rates for single family properties have remained consistent this year, we have observed the condo/townhouse market exponentially increase.  Basically, this means that when priced appropriately, condo/townhouse properties are selling very quick and it’s absolutely a seller’s market, especially for these type of properties. 
My thoughts and prayers are abound for all those impacted by the fires, floods and violence in our country right now. Personally, I think it’s more important than ever for all of us to come together and provide love and support anyway we can to all our neighbors who are in need.
If you care to donate to disaster relief, here are two links that are safe and secure to donate to:
HOUSTON (Harvey):  
Be safe and enjoy your weekend, everyone!