Happy Cinco de Mayo,
Today’s Thought: Homeowner’s Associations are very common in Colorado.  This can drastically impact your bottom line from a monthly payment perspective.  For example, a $325,000 property without an HOA can have roughly the same monthly payment as a $250,000 property with a $400 per month HOA.
My YouTube Video of this Thought to learn more:
Market Stats:
Carbondale, Glenwood Springs & New Castle:
Single Family Properties:
TODAY: 213 active listings (51 currently under contract)
ONE MONTH AGO: 153 active listings
Absorption Rate:  11.3%
Condo/Townhouse/Duplex Properties:
TODAY: 87 active listings (27 are currently under contract)
ONE MONTH AGO: 58 active listings 
Absorption Rate:  16.1%
If you are looking for something fun to do locally today, join myself and many others at CMC’s graduation ceremony at Spring Valley, Carbondale’s First Friday celebrations or just about anywhere around town for the celebration of Cinco de Mayo.
Have a great weekend!